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Iranian feature ‘Tarat’ goes for home release

Iranian film ‘Tarat’ enters domestic home entertainment market.

Iranian film ‘Tarat’ has entered the domestic home entertainment market.

Produced and directed by Pedram Bahramifar, the film enjoys an action genre.

It tells the story of an international smuggling group who enter Iran borders to take out some precious ancient artifacts.

This is while the police have traced them and the clash between the sides creates several thrilling and action-packed scenes.

Notable among the cast are Akbar Abdi, Nima Shahrokhshahi, Sharan Bahramifar, Mehdi Aminikhah, Aidin Khataee, Reza Ashtiani, Fatima Shirafkan, and Ayat Afshar.

A number of filming locations of the flick have been in Turkey and some foreign actors, including one from Canada, have appeared in it.