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Washtub; most popular musical instrument among women in northern Iran

Flat washtub has long been used by Iranian women in Iran’s northern Mazandaran province as a musical instrument at various occasions.

Flat washtub, one of the simplest things that could be found in almost every house in Iran’s northern Mazandaran province, has long been used by women in that region as a percussion instrument in wedding ceremonies and parties.

The ancient folk music of the indigenous people was made up of tools and accessories that people used to meet their needs. Using such stuff, they tried to express themselves and share their joy and grief.

Washtub is among the most popular folklore musical instruments in Iran, particularly in northern provinces. When hitting on the washtub to make a sound, people used to give effects by placing a small bowl like a saucer on it.

According to Ali Hassannejad, a researcher of folklore culture in Mazandaran, washtub is one of the main means of native life in the province, which was used as a percussion instrument because the musicians must hit it with two hands.