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Iranian stuntman Arsha Aqdasi gets injured in Lebanon

Iranian stuntman Arsha Aqdasi is harshly injured during shooting a project in Lebanon.

High-profile Iranian stuntman and actor Arsha Aqdasi has been harshly injured during shooting a film project in Lebanon.

The injury occurred in a crash during filming a project, which no details were published about, last Wednesday in Beirut. Reportedly, he has injured his neck in the crash and gone into a coma.

Aqdasi’s colleague Mehnoush Moradi said “He was in Lebanon, working for a foreign project and was seriously injured when a car he was in turned over.”

She added that Aqdasi was soon transferred to a hospital in Beirut, where he was placed in an induced coma by doctors.

Asking people to pray for him, Moradi said he will undergo a surgery operation in the upcoming.

The founder of Stunt 13, a major studio for Iranian stuntmen, Aqdasi has cooperated in several international projects, including ‘Skyfall’ which is a 2012 James Bond venture.

Among his other works, the most notable ones are ‘Bang Bang’ (2014) by Siddharth Anand from India, ‘Kung Fu Yoga’ (2017) by Stanley Tong from Hong Kong, ‘Dying of the Light‎’ (2014) by Paul Joseph Schrader from the US, as well as several Iranian series and movies, including ‘Dark Intelligence’, ‘Passion to Fly’, ‘When the Moon Was Full’, ‘Exodus’, and ‘Damascus Time’.

He also acted in movies such as ‘Murphy's Law’ (the clown) and ‘Bang Bang’ (the bad man).