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Danube Digital Circuit honors Iranian photographers

The Danube Digital Circuit honors Iranian photographers.

The Danube Digital Circuit has honored Iranian photographers Mehdi Parsaeean and Mehdi Kazemi-Bumeh.

Parsaeean won an honorable mention for his photo ‘Peak of Light’ in the C Open Color category of the event.

His ‘Blossoming Season’ has also received an honorable mention in the C Open Color category of the 6th Danube Digital Circuit.

Kazemi-Bumeh was the other Iranian photographer honored at the Danube Digital Circuit. He won Salon Silver Medal.

He also garnered the honor in the C Open Color category for his photo ‘Man with a White Beard’.

The jury members of the competition were Sergey Majorov and Sergey Borisov from Russia and Pantelis Kranos from Cyprus.

Photography centers in Serbia, Russia, South Africa, and Norway are the organizers of the event.

Photo Club Danube was founded in July 2011. The basic idea of the founders is to promote photography through organizing exhibitions, training courses and lectures. The activities of the club also promote the natural beauty and tourism potential of the region.