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Traditions, customs you will only see in Iran – Part 7

Following is a presentation of cultural customs only Iranians will understand and you will find only in Iran.

To truly understand a country’s culture and people, it is imperative to have a basic understanding of their customs and traditions.

In Iran, there are plenty of customs that are as routine as drinking water for Iranians but they can leave a foreign traveler with a raised eyebrow. 

Read on to discover the cultural customs only Iranians will understand and you will find only in Iran.     

7) Cracking the wishbone (Jenagh)

Iranians mostly play the wishbone game with the furcula, or wishbone of a turkey, duck or chicken as a fun thing.

Whoever gets the wishbone (جناق / jenagh) would choose someone as their wishbone opponent to break it with. But first, you would decide what you should bet on. And the answer is always something simple like ice cream or gum.

Then, throughout the day, any time that person hands you something, you’d have to say yadameh (I remember). If you take the item without saying anything, the other person would say yadam to ra faramoush, indafe ham man bordam (I remember and you forgot so I won again) and become the newly-crowned recipient of an ice cream/gum.

It is also possible to play the game without any bet. In this case, two people hook their pinkie fingers around each end, make a wish and pull. Whoever gets the larger part of the wishbone, gets to make a wish.


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