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Bishop of Georgia on Imam Hussein (AS) Arbaeen walk

Imam Hussein’s (AS) Arbaeen walk is an interfaith gathering of truth seekers across the world.

Imam Hussein’s (AS) Arbaeen walk is an interfaith gathering of all truth seekers and peace advocates across the world.

 Bishop Malkhaz Songulashvili of Georgia is a true testament to such claim.  

Songulashviliis is an icon in the world of peace advocacy, interfaith relations, and has contributed significantly to the building of bridges between Christianity and other religious groups.

He attended the historic Arbaeen Walk ritual a few years before the pandemic to commemorate the 40th day after Ashura, the anniversary of Imam Hussein’s (AS) martyrdom.

In a media interview with the prominent figure of the Christianity faith, he said, “At the Shrine of Imam Hussein (AS), I have had one of the deepest possible religious experiences.”

He considers the third Shia Imam as “an important spiritual figure”, adding that “Arbaeen is a beacon of hope”

 Bishop of the Evangelical Church of Georgia is renowned for his positive interfaith views and praying alongside Muslims.