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Churat Lake unearthed by earthquake

Spectacular Churat Lake in Mazandaran Province is unearthed by earthquake.

Churat Lake (Mianshah) in Mazandaran Province is a spectacular place unearthed by earthquake.

Located 17 kilometers from Sari and 309 kilometers from Tehran, Churat is one of the youngest among Iran’s long list of lakes.

A blue zone surrounded by lush trees that has created an extraordinary ecosystem.

It was created by an earthquake that occurred in 1939. The villagers believe that because of the earthquake of less than 100 years ago, the source of the spring near the lake was closed and created the lake.

When the lake's water is low, the trees on the lake bottom head out of the water, and normally the trunk of the tree can be seen.

Being in a mountainous area, the best season to visit the beautiful lake is spring, mid-summer and early fall. In autumn, the colors of the trees turn green, red and yellow, and the leaves cover the lake.

Interestingly, there are many types of fishes in the lake, some of which have been dumped by the villagers, and some have been created by the migration of birds by the eggs and their transfer into the lake.

The route to Iran's Churat Lake is very spectacular, one of the bests to drive for a few minutes and walk through the woods. The area is in the heart of the forest.

The lake is oval in shape and its depth varies at different times of the year and varies with the depth of seasonal precipitation.