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iFilm exclusive report on Iranian feature ‘Botox’

iFilm English TV releases exclusive report on Iranian feature ‘Botox’ by Kaveh Mazaheri.

iFilm English TV has released exclusive report on Iranian feature film ‘Botox’ directed by Kaveh Mazaheri.

iFilm interviewed the director, the actress Sousan Parvar, and the actor Mohsen Kiani.

‘Botox’ is about Akram and Azar, two siblings who have lied to everyone about their brother’s disappearance. They have told others that he fled to Germany and that they have no news of him.

Gradually, the lie turns into reality in Akram’s mind. She starts to count the days for her brother to come back.

Mazaheri’s movie grabbed best screenplay and best film awards at the Torino Film Festival and best actress award at the Torino Underground Cinefest, both in Italy. It also brought Mazaheri the first-film director award at the Fajr International Film Festival in Iran and won the award for best debut feature at the Tirana International Film Festival in Albania.

‘Botox’ has so far gone on screen at several global events, including the Bucharest International Film Festival in Romania, the Amman International Film Festival – Awal Film in Jordan, the Beijing International Film Festival in China, the Salento International Film Festival (BISCEGLIE) in Italy, and the Burgas International Film Festival in Bulgaria.

In addition to Parvar and Kiani, the cast list of the flick includes Mahdokht Molaee, Soroush Saeedi, and Morteza Khanjani.

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