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See Dasht-e Naz Wildlife Refuge in photos

Dasht-e Naz wildlife refuge is a must-see site for nature lovers.

Dasht-e Naz wildlife refuge and natural reserve is a must-see site for nature lovers.

This natural resort located northeast of Sari in Iran's northern province of Mazandaran is home to Persian fallow deer, a rare species of deer in the world. Besides Persian fallow deer, there are jungle cat, roe deer, red deer and pheasants in the area.

Officially established in 1967, Dasht-e Naz Wildlife Refuge, spread over a land of 0.55 square kilometers, is a favorite destination for nature and wildlife lovers.

The reserve is in a mountainous area covered with Hyrcanian Forests with more than 447 plant species such as hornbeam, beech, alder, Caspian locust and Persian ironwood.