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iFilm exclusive report on Iranian movie ‘Mother, I’m Joseph’

iFilm English TV releases exclusive report on Iranian movie ‘Mother, I’m Joseph’ by Mohammad-Reza Fartousi.

iFilm English TV Channel has released an exclusive report on Iranian movie ‘Mother, I’m Joseph’ written and directed by Mohammad-Reza Fartousi.

iFilm interviewed the director, the editor Farid Daghagheleh, and the actor Abbas Ghazali.

‘Mother, I’m Joseph’, made in Arabic language, tells the story of Joseph, an Iraqi soldier during the 1980-1988 Iraq-Iran war, who refuses to fight.

He is arrested by the army and disappears for a long time. However, to the astonishment of his family and friends, he returns after 21 years.

Fartousi’s directorial debut is a joint production of Iran, Iraq and Kuwait, starring Ghazali, Zahra Alrabiei, Hamideh Mousavi, Ahmad Heidari and Hamid Hamidi.

The 70-minute movie had its global premiere at the Delhi International Film Festival in the UAE and then went on screen at the Cinequest Film Festival in the US.

It has grabbed the best film award at the Bahía Independent Cinema Festival in Brazil and the Silver Palm Award at the Mexico International Film Festival.

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