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Saber calls cops on his brother in ‘Right on Time’

Saber calls cops to catch Nader in iFilm’s ‘Right on Time’.

Saber calls cops to catch Nader in iFilm’s comedy ‘Right on Time’.

The two brothers, Nader and Saber, seem not to be stopping scrambling and fighting any time soon.

They are so consumed by cupidity that they will stop at nothing to eliminate each other.

This time, Saber requests police help to arraest Nader.

Don't miss the tenth episode of the series on iFilm TV tonight at 22:00 GMT to find out their next sinister plot against one another.

The synopsis of the series reads, “Ahmad owns and runs a neighborhood bakery in Tehran with his eldest son. When Ahmad suddenly passes away, he leaves his three adult children scrambling and fighting with each other to get their share of the inheritance. But when they realize their father’s entire wealth has gone missing, that’s when the trouble really starts.”

Directed by Reza Attaran, the cast list of the series includes Marjaneh Golchin, Ali Sadeqi, the late Ahmad Pourmokhber, Hamid Lolaee, Shahin Taslimi, Abbas Jamshidifar, and the director.