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Will Farrokh in ‘Kimia’ abide by law?

The 6th episode of iFilm series ‘Kimia’ is to show how Farrokh tries to abide by the law and go for his right.

The 6th episode of iFilm series ‘Kimia’ is to show how Farrokh still firmly believes that sticking to the law is his best bet.

From what happened to Kimia, Farrokh could easily see how the rules can be bent when there is favoritism.

Due to their political immunity in Iran during the Pahlavi tyranny, the Americans had such influence over the local citizens that they might harass a young woman—in the series portrayed as Kimia—and get away with no punishment.

Considering this historical fact, do you think Farrokh will wake up from his fantastical dream of solving problems by sticking to the law? 

Directed by Javad Afshar and produced by Mohammad-Reza Shafiee, ‘Kimia’ tells the story of a woman’s life during extremely important events in Iran’s contemporary history.

Kimia Parsa was a young girl living in the city of Khorramshahr during the reign of the country’s former king, Mohammad Reza Pahlavi.

We follow her as she experiences the Islamic Revolution in Iran, Saddam Hussein’s war on the country, and the present day.

As she experiences some of the most tumultuous times in recent history, her life is ravaged by pain and sorrow. Still, she refuses to give up hope and carries on.

Azita HajiyanMehdi Soltani-SarvestaniGelareh AbbasiPouriya PoursorkhHassan PourshiraziReza KianianMohammad-Reza SharifiniaNiki KarimiMehraveh Sharifinia, and Mehdi Pakdel make up the castlist of this 110-episode series.

The long list of the stars go on with Ata OmraniAmir-Hossein ArmanSoudabeh BeyzaeeZahra SaeediRouhollah KamaniAtefeh RazaviMir-Taher MazloumiBorzou ArjmandMehrdad ZiaeeKhatereh Hatami, and Reza Tavakkoli.

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