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‘Safe House’ to show mental slavery by MKO

‘Safe House’ is to show how desperate members of MKO are to get rid of their mental slavery.

Tonight’s episode of ‘Safe House’, to be aired at 19:00 GMT, is set to show how desperate some members of MKO are to get rid of their mental slavery.

The infamous cult has enslaved its members’ minds and turned them into emotionless automatons, who only operate within the set expectations of the organization.

The 45th episode of the series will show how the cult kills its members and leaves their loved ones in despair as soon as they start to have their own personal thoughts that stand against the dictated rules of the MKO.

We will see how a mother, kept away from her daughter for more than two decades, must learn her child has been murdered for disobeying the cult’s tyrannical standards.

Written by Hossein Torabnejad, directed by Ahmad Moazzami and produced by Abolfazl Safari, ‘Safe House’ tells the heroic stories of how Iran’s security and intelligence agencies work round the clock to keep the country safe in a region full of enemies.

Notable on the cast list are Shahrouz EbrahimiAmin ZendeganiHossein SaharkhizQorban NajafiHamid-Reza PegahAlireza RaeesianSima TirandazParviz Fallahipour, and Saman Saffari.