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Saeed goes off the rail on ‘Worlds Apart’: iFilm Cut

On the 4th episode of ‘Worlds Apart’, Saeed will go off the rail and dirties his hand by stealing from his own father.

On the 4th episode of ‘Worlds Apart’ to be aired tonight at 19:00 GMT, Saeed will go off the rail and dirties his hand by stealing from his own father.

Saeed’s ambitions are misleading him from the right track and he, now, is starting to sin by lying, deceiving and even stealing from his own father.

He, who has been under his friend’s influence and in dire need of money, will find himself in a situation that he must ask money from a loan shark. In return, the man will ask him a voucher to make sure that he will pay back the money.

The voucher will be a check, which Saeed will steal from his dad. It is no surprise that he will have to forge his father’s signature too.

Produced by Mohammad-Reza Shafiee and directed by Hossein Soheilizadeh, the show hits the air daily at 19:00 GMT. Each episode of the series will be repeated the next day at 03:00, 08:00 and 14:00 (all GMT times)

‘Worlds Apart’, which is a drama on family relationships and love, is the story of a father and his son’s turbulent journey to find each other across the gulf which is the generation gap.

Both find it hard to understand the other’s point of view, and are equally inflexible, which makes things even more difficult.

The series cast list includes Reza Tavakkoli, the late Hassan Joharchi, Shahrokh Estakhri, Bahareh Afshari, Danial Hakimi, Maryam Kaviani, Nima Shahrokh-Shahi, Fatemeh Goudarzi, Shahram Abdoli, Pendar Akbari, and Elnaz Habibi.