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Croatia ambassador talks on Damavand

Croatian ambassador shares his experience of publishing a poetry book in Iran titled 'Damavand, on the Other Side of the Sea'.

In a media interview, Croatian ambassador Drago Štambuk shares his experience of publishing a poetry book in Iran. 

The book titled 'Damavand, on the Other Side of the Sea' was translated by the Iranian-Croatian translator Ebtehaj Navaey. 

Croatian ambassador to Iran, Štambuk, described Mount Damavand as one of the most beautiful peaks in Asia, comparable to Japan's Mount Fuji.

He added that the mountain is also steeped in Persian mythology, home to the legendary mystical bird, Simurgh, and the events of the 'Book of Kings' (or Shahnameh) by Ferdowsi - a quintessential Persian work that offers insights into the Persian language and mind.

Interestingly, the poem about Damavand was featured on social media and was well-read and shared for months after its publication, he noted. 

Štambuk's approach to public diplomacy is unique and it offers a heartening approach to boost the cultural exchange between Croatia and Iran through literature.