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Sohrab to reject his father in 'Of Fate and Destiny 3'

Tonight's episode of 'Of Fate and Destiny 3' is to manifest how Sohrab rejects his father.

Tonight's episode of 'Of Fate and Destiny 3' is to manifest how Sohrab rejects his father over his past faults.

On his first acquaintance with his father, Sohrab makes it clear to him that he does not wish to take him as his parent.

Sohrab knows that Mansour never wanted him in the first place and had asked his mother to have an abortion and get rid of their child.

Being asked to meet his father in the hospital, Sohrab tells Mansour, “You were never my dad. You are not and you will never be. I’m glad you’re here like this paying for what you did to my mother. You killed me 26 years ago, when you told my mother to get an abortion. So, don’t call me ‘son’ anymore. Because I never had a father”.

Is it the end for the father and son who just had found the chance to see and know one another?

Directed by Alireza Bazr-Afshan, the show hits the air every night at 20:00 GMT. It is also repeated the next day at 01:00, 07:00 and 12:00.

‘Of Fate and Destiny’ is the story of an intimate cherished friendship. It tells the story of Sohrab and Hashem, two little friends who grew up in an orphanage. They have big dreams from early childhood and do their bests to overcome the hardships and make their dreams come true.

Shabnam FarshadjouMehrdad ZiaeeMehdi SabaeePouriya PoursorkhMajid VasheqaniFariba Naderi and Leila Boloukat comprise the main cast members of the flick.