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Iranian Academy of Arts honors ‘The Stranger’ director

Director Mohammad-Hossein Latifi is honored by Iranian Academy of Arts.

The director of ‘The Stranger’ has been honored by the Iranian Academy of Arts (IAA).

The IAA paid tribute to Mohammad-Hossein Latifi by presenting him with the Plaque of Glory for his latest movie on Monday.

‘The Stranger’ is about IRGC commander Mohammad Boroujerdi’s struggles to maintain Iran’s territorial integrity in the early 1980s.

The academy also honored Boroujerdi’s daughter, Somayyeh, and Nosratollah Mahmoudzadeh, the author of the book “Mohammad, the Christ of Kordestan”, based on which the film was produced by Owj Media.

The IAA director Bahman Namvar-Motlaq said, “The film stirs up the strongest emotions as Mr. Latifi has reproduced the reality of these eternal scenes perfectly.”

“Watching these scenes causes one to recall ... memories of the war in the region. We may approach the film from many different angles and the academy must study the different views,” he added.

He also praised Latifi for selecting the film’s title based on the method Mahmoudzadeh adopted to describe Boroujerdi in his book.

“I feel proud when I see my work having an impressively positive reception by the viewers,” Latifi said after accepting the plaque.

“Despite all the hardships our crew suffered during the film’s production, we felt great satisfaction when Martyr Boroujerdi’s family was favorably impressed by the film,” he also noted.

‘The Stranger’ scored a big win at the National Will Manifestation Awards by garnering five prizes. The gala is a supplement to the Fajr Film Festival and the awards are presented by public organizations and institutes to those films that are in agreement with their goals and interests.

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