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Production underway for 'The Eventful Meadow'

Tehran's Saba Animation Center is currently in production for 'The Eventful Meadow'.

Tehran's Saba Animation Center is currently in production for the first season of a brand-new animated series titled 'The Eventful Meadow'.

Produced by the Youth Animation Group and directed by Amirhossein Salehi, the kid-friendly animation is nearing completion and set to air on national TV networks.

Comprising 52 episodes grouped into four seasons, 'The Eventful Meadow' has a strong focus on catering to young audiences. It delves into essential themes such as identifying adversaries, resisting foreign influences, the significance of resilience, standing strong against adversaries, and the pursuit of national independence.

Salehi, the director of 'The Eventful Meadow', highlighted the series' core concept in a conversation with the local media, emphasizing, "The central theme of this animation is occupation and trust in the new generation, approached from a fresh and distinctive perspective."

He continued, "The series explores and navigates the challenges of decision-making on life's journey and the responsibilities associated with addressing existing issues through friendly interactions, all within the framework of adventurous storytelling."

Salehi added, "Currently, 'The Eventful Meadow' is being produced in full HD format, incorporating cutting-edge 3D technology."

Character design for 'The Eventful Meadow' series is the work of Mohammad Kheirandish, known for his previous character designs in the animated film 'The Dolphin Boy’.  

Furthermore, Davoud Asadollahi, who successfully completed the production of 'The Dolphin Boy’, will oversee the production and technical aspects of this series.

The producer and director of this series stated, "This project aims to align with the educational needs of adolescent and child audiences while providing a better understanding and effective communication of ethical and educational topics. We collaborated closely with today's generation during the series' production, focusing on the theme of innovative thinking and their ability to find diverse solutions to life's challenges."

Salehi concluded by underscoring that 'The Eventful Meadow' is an ongoing narrative exploring occupation and resistance, emphasizing the importance of unity and self-confidence. With its fantasy elements and distinctive approach, the series promises to offer a unique viewing experience, with updated themes and narrative styles to keep audiences engaged.

Notably, the series' storyline unfolds in a meadow inhabited by various animals, providing the backdrop for a series of exciting events.