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iFilm+ presents: Melodic reverie with Salar Aghili’s 'The Underwater Cypress’

iFilm+ brought to you a melodious gem by renowned Iranian singer Salar Aghili.

iFilm+, which goes on screen Saturday nights, has recently presented a musical performance titled 'The Underwater Cypress’ by the renowned Iranian vocalist, Salar Aghili.

This composition was created for a movie of the same name, directed by Mohammad-Ali Basheh-Ahangar, and it had its exclusive screening on iFilm English.

The lyrics of 'The Underwater Cypress' evokes a sense of longing and depth.

An excerpt from the song reads, "You went alone, and I'm a wandering wave without you; be my sea. The world is meaningless without you. Where are you? I wish you'd return. Without you, I see the sea like a river left behind the sea."

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