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Dr. Taremi shoots Dr. Iranmanesh in ‘Factor 8’

Dr. Taremi shoots Dr. Iranmanesh in iFilm TV’s 'Factor 8'.

Dr. Taremi shoots Dr. Iranmanesh in iFilm English TV Channel’s 'Factor 8'.

While the two of them were fighting, police officers enter the yard of Dr. Iranmanesh workplace.

All of a sudden, out of anger and nervousness, Dr. Taremi takes one of the officers’ gun and shoots Dr. Iranmanesh.

Don't miss the fifteenth episode of the 16-part series on iFilm TV tonight at 18:00 GMT, or better yet watch it now via the website of the channel.

The show, directed by Reza Karimi, revolves around Mahtab, a doctor whose son has a rare disease.

Unfortunately, the medicine he needs, called Factor 8, is in short supply due to economic sanctions imposed by the West.

Determined to help her son, Mahtab decides to manufacture the drug within the country, but she faces challenges from opportunists.

Notable on the cast list are  Setareh EskandariBehzad KhodaveisiPejman BazeghiLadan TabatabaeeIraj RadFariba Naderi, Kourosh SoleymaniAmir-Kaveh Ahaninjan, and Hassan Joharchi.