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Diving into score of iFilm's series - Part 4: ‘After the Rain’

Read on to know more about the score music of iFilm's 'After the Rain'.

In a journey through the realm of iFilm series, we embark on part 4 of our exploration, delving into the musical wonders that enrich the cinematic experience.

This time, our spotlight shines on 'After the Rain' – a series currently gracing the iFilm screen every night at 20:00 GMT (23:30 Tehran time).

They say people who feel the pain of sad songs may be better at feeling the pain of other human beings. This sentiment couldn't be truer than when you immerse yourself in the bittersweet melodies of ‘After the Rain’.

The score piece for this series exudes pain and reflection on a life fully lived. It is a folkloric song by the late Fereydoun Pourreza, who departed from this world on April 11, 2012.

Pourreza's inspiration for this beautiful song is a story of profound loss and solitude. After burying his beloved wife, his partner of countless years, he found himself alone in the quiet of their home for the first time.

As the sun dipped below the horizon, casting the sky in shades of orange and darkness, the overwhelming loneliness of that moment moved him deeply. It was then that he poured his emotions into the lyrics and melody of this song.

When you listen to this piece, you not only hear the haunting notes but also the depth of Pourreza's heartache and the enduring love he felt for his late wife.

Watch this piece in loving memory of the late Fereydoun Pourreza. May his soul rest in peace, and may his music continue to touch the hearts of those who listen, reminding us of the universal language of human emotions that transcends time and place.

Here is the full lyrics:

Once again, the heart filled with sky's embrace,

Moonlight, hidden behind the veils of ebony grace.

Stars, one by one, have taken their place,

Tonight, the table of sorrow wears a peculiar face.


For your sake, I ventured into this domain,

A desolate journey, a melancholic strain.

The forest, dark and cold, in shadows it remains,

Oh, my heart's sigh, a song of endless pain.

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