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Echoes of valor: Sacred Defense Cinema dialogues - Part 2

iFilm website commemorates the Sacred Defense Week with powerful dialogues from war-themed movies and series.

The concluding part of iconic dialogues from war-themed Iranian movies and series have been released by iFilm English Channel.

As we mark the culmination of the Sacred Defense Week in Iran, these dialogues serve as a tribute to the sacrifices, and resilience of those who defended their homeland during the Iraqi war on Iran.


Dialogue 1: From ‘The 23’ (2019)

They all say, "War is not for children, so grow up, take heed."

But who truly knows when a soul becomes wise and freed?

Dialogue 2: From 'Passion to Fly’ (2012) 

A pilot's spouse must be far braver than the pilot himself.

Dialogue 3: From ‘The Night Bus’ (2007)

I was a child, just sixteen years old, you see. Two days later, still sixteen in age, but no longer a child in me.

Dialogue 4: From The Stranger’ (2023)

 Do you understand that our job is to preserve this revolution?

Dialogue 5: From 'From Karkheh to Rhein' (1992)

- Your eyes, what has become of them?

- They have been captured by the angels' wings.

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