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A hilarious take on men in kitchen: iFilm cut

The 9th episode of ‘Sweet and Sour’ is to prove men cannot be trusted in the kitchen.

The 9th episode of iFilm English TV Channel’s fan favorite comedy series ‘Sweet and Sour’ is to prove men cannot be trusted in the kitchen.

In this episode, Nosrat finds herself in a new and somewhat bewildering environment: Jahan's wealthy family home.

Jahan tries to show his wife Nosrat around their new home, especially the kitchen. However, it quickly becomes apparent that Jahan is a fish out of water in his own kitchen. He makes a mess by leaving cabinet doors ajar, and pots and pans strewn about. 

Nosrat watches this chaos with a mix of amusement and confusion. She starts to wonder if Jahan actually wanted her to help in the kitchen or if he was just finding an excuse to avoid it himself. Every time she sees an open cabinet door or something out of place, her doubts grow.

As they both figure out life in their new home, Nosrat can't shake the feeling that Jahan might see her as someone to do kitchen chores.

Directed by Reza Attaran, the first episode of the hilarious Make 'Em laugh series is set to hit the air at 18:00 GMT, as a replacement for ‘Factor 8’.

Each episode of the show will go on screen three times the next day after original screening at 00:00, 09:00 and 15:00 all GMT times.

Sweet and Sour’ is the funny story of a middle-aged woman, who is forced to start selling pickles on the street after her husband passes away.

A rich carpet salesman meets and falls in love with her but their families are opposing their union, and that is just the beginning of their patchy romantic journey.

The series cast list includes Shohreh SoltaniMajid SalehiHamid LolaeeAhmad PourmokhberReza Shafiee-JamMaryam Amir-JalaliAnahita Hemmati, and the director himself, who also appears in the show.