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A father's solace: Finding comfort in his son's picture

‘Until Freedom’ shows how a father finds solace in a picture frame.

The upcoming episode of iFilm’s series ‘Until Freedom’, to be aired at 23:00 GMT tonight, shows how a father finds solace in a simple picture frame, the only connection left to his beloved son who gave his life for a higher cause.

This episode touches the depths of the human soul, reminding us of the enduring bonds of family and the sacrifices made for freedom.

Don't miss the opportunity to be a part of this moving tale that will leave you with a profound appreciation for the strength of the human spirit.

Directed by Hossein Tabrizi and produced by Majid Owji, ‘Until Freedom’ is a 2009 drama.

It is about a group of criminals who want to smuggle Psychedelics into Iran in baggage. Nasser, who is a customs officer, gets involved in their plan without knowing it.

When Nasser’s friend who is a police officer finds out about the plot, he takes the matter into his own hands to foil it.

The series cast list includes Hassan JoharchiPouya AminiRonak YounesiMehdi SabaeeJafar DehqanShahram AbdoliMaryam BoubaniSaeed NikpourHamid-Reza PegahMehdi SoloukiShiva Khosromehr, Keyvan Mahmoudnejad, and Maryam Khodarahmi.

iFilm English TV will repeat each episode of the series the next day after original screening at 05:00, 11:00 and 17:00.