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Assassin on the loose in ‘My Sky’

As assassin is on the loose in iFilm's ‘My Sky’.

As assassin is on the loose in the streets of Tehran in the 17th episode of iFilm's action series ‘My Sky’.

A young scientist and university professor has just been martyred in Tehran; therefore, the intelligence service is fully alert and on the hunt for the assassin who committed the crime.

The surveillance team knows the young scientists was not the only one in danger. So, they watch the other ones whose life might be at stake.

Yet, the criminals have a plan to take more lives. In tonight’s episode of the show they succeed once again to kill and get away at least for the time being. Don’t miss the upcoming episode of the show.

‘My Sky’, directed and produced by Mohammad-Reza Ahanj, is an action drama that touches on the hardships and the selfless acts of aviation security teams in Iran in order to ensure safe flights for passengers and the crew.

In the series, different incidents happen which require a good deal of devotion, courage, and above all, experience on the part of the security staff.

Cast list of the series includes Amir AqaeeElham CharkhandehAtila PesyaniAmir-Hossein ModarresDanial HakimiAmin HayaeePejman BazeghiHamed BehdadHassan PourshiraziAhmad NajafiRahim Norouzi, and Farhad Jam.

‘My Sky’ is aired daily at 19:00 GMT. Each episode of the series will be repeated the next day at 03:00, 08:00 and 14:00. It is comprised of 29 episodes.