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Truth-seeking journey, ‘After the Rain’: iFilm cut

A strong hunch will drive Marzieh on a truth-seeking journey in iFilm period drama ‘After the Rain’.

A strong hunch will drive Marzieh and her brother to start a truth-seeking journey in the 5th episode of iFilm period drama ‘After the Rain’.

Marzieh and her two brothers have recently lost their parents to a deadly traffic accident on the roads leading to the northern part of the country, where their family takes its roots from.  

The travel log and the diaries her mother left behind makes her strongly believe that it was not an innocent road accident that took her parents away. She thinks there must be more to it and even it could be a planned murder.

In her diaries, her mother has written about a mysterious malevolent man, who could be behind their death.

Don’t miss tonight’s episode of the show to see if the children’s uncle will give the blessings and accompany them on their path to find unravel the truths.

Watch the show daily at 20:00 GMT. Each episode will be repeated three times the next day after the original screening at 01:00, 07:00 and 12:00 (all GMT times).

Directed by Saeed Soltani, the series narrates the story of serfdom during a time in Iran’s history. A couple is killed in an accident, but their children believe that somebody had tampered with their car brake.

They try to find out more about their family and discover the reason for their parents’ death by reviewing the diary of their grandmother, Shahrbanou.

Notable in the series cast list are Sorayya QasemiJahangir AlmasiShahab HosseiniMahmoud PakniyyatBehzad FarahaniMarjan Mohtasham, the late Kioumars Malek-Motiee, and Saba Kamali.

Katayoun Riahi, the late Jamileh SheykhiRahim NorouziRamin ParchamiMahvash SabrkonPourandokht Mohaymen, the late Fatemeh TaheriFath-Ali OveisiMahnaz AnsarianMohammad-Hadi Qomeyshi, and the late Nadia Deldar-Golchin are also among the main cast of the series.