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Call for Stand-up Comedy (iStandUp)

Submit video of your standup comedy and win airing block on iFilm English TV Channel.

Submit a video of your original standup comedy and become one of the finalists to win an airing block on iFilm English TV Channel.

This is your chance to make everyone laugh! Whether it's a funny mishap, an embarrassing moment, or a comical adventure, we want to hear it all. So grab the mic and bring your best jokes to the stage. Who knows, you might just become the next comedy sensation! Don't miss out on this opportunity to spread laughter and connect with fellow iFilmers. Join the stand-up comedy contest now and let's share some unforgettable laughs together!


  1. Video in full-length landscape (horizontal) Full HD (or higher), MP4 format
  2. Fluency in English language
  3. Perform in front of a clean surface (without any logo or trademark)
  4. Duration: 4-5 minutes
  5. Editing is not allowed
  6. Introduce yourself (full name, age, hometown) at the beginning of the video
  7. Say this at the beginning of the video: “I’m recording this video for iFilm English TV’s I-stand-up show,” and start after some 10 seconds of silence.
  8. Consider shoulder and knee covering dress code (long sleeve or elbow sleeve, neckline covering chest and shoulder bone, long pants)
  9. Avoid nudity, violence, scandalous issues (The content shouldn't be disrespectful to any religion, caste, dialect, race or political party and should not contain any adult jokes. Usage of abusive language is strictly prohibited.)
  10. Your material has to be original, if found to be copied from another comic you will be disqualified from the event.

Submitted videos, considering the mentioned guidelines, will be uploaded on the website of iFilm English TV. The selected videos, voted by users of the website, will be aired on iFilm English TV Channel.

Submission Deadline: November 31, 2023.

For more info and/or submit your video to WhatsApp number: +9899 3794 1886