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iFilm's movie lineup for upcoming weekend: part 11

Catch latest updates on iFilm TV Channels' weekend movies.

Catch the latest updates on iFilm TV Channels' weekend movies and plan your TV time based on your language of choice.

The weekend varies through the sister channels of iFilm English, Arabic, Farsi and iFilm2. Therefore, the end of week falls on Thursday on iFilm2 and iFilm Farsi, Friday and Saturday on iFilm Arabic, and Saturday on iFilm English.

Check the movie titles and their air time based on the language and channel you prefer.

iFilm English:

Grab some popcorn and get ready for an amazing movie on iFilm English TV this Saturday and watch Mohammad-Reza Zehtabi’s comedy ‘A Gift from India’.

Hassan is an unemployed young man. He is ready to do anything, even stealing, to make some money. His uncle desperately tries to find him a job, but he manages to get himself fired each and every time. He finally gets lucky when finds a job as an assistant to a merchant. While working for the merchant, he falls for Farangis. Love and success soon follow before things go wrong again.


On Thursday November 23, you can watch Masoud Kimiaee’s ‘The Lead’ on iFilm2.

Daniel and his wife Mounes tried to reach the Promised Land, but they were rejected. At the same night Yazqebal attacks their house and kills Daniel's uncle, Jacob. Police, however, takes Mirza into custody for the murder. Daniel and Mounes run away as they know Yazqebal is after them too. Nouri, Mirza's brother, searches everywhere for Daniel and finally takes him to the court to testify, but he is assaulted in front of the court by the Jews who want to silence him.

iFilm Farsi:

Masoud Foroutan’s TV play ‘The Chicago Farmers’ is to be aired on iFilm Farsi on Thursday November 23 at 17:30 GMT.

The story takes place in the 1920s in Chicago. The Chicago Farmers is a traditional newspaper that deals with agricultural issues in Chicago and has a limited readership. The manager of the newspaper has limited personnel and is trying to leave an efficient person in charge of the gazette and go on a trip. A young man named Sam comes to the newspaper office to get a job as a janitor. Later, however, with tricks and flattery he convinces the newspaper manager that he can be a good editor for the newspaper.

iFilm Arabic:

Watch Sirous Moqaddam’s ‘Restless’ in Arabic on Friday November 24 at 19:00 GMT.

Upon hearing the news of the destruction of a field hospital, Dr. Amir Rastin leaves his pregnant wife Leili with her father-in-law, Qavam, and goes to the front line of the war. In his absence, Leili is busy with painting and writing books. At the same time, she cooperates with Saman, the director of a publishing house, to publish her book. The news of Dr. Rastin's martyrdom changes Leili. Qavam's loads of wealth allures suitors to their house to ask Leili’s hand in marriage. However, Leili does not believe her husband's death and insists that Dr. Rastin is still alive.

‘My Eyes for You’ is the title of the movie that will hit the air on Saturday November 25 at 19:00 GMT on iFilm Arabic.

Ali and Marjan are two students upon to tie the knot. When Marjan suddenly realizes that she is on the verge of death, she struggles to come into terms with her new condition. Marjan, finally, prepares herself to accept the bitter reality by donating her eyes to a blind girl and her kidneys to another.