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'Innocence Lost' stars: Real-life vs. on-screen transformations – 2

Read on to see how 'Innocence Lost' cast looks like in real life.

iFilm's 2003 historical series 'Innocence Lost' features an amazing ensemble cast, each bringing their unique characters to life with stunning costume and makeup transformations.

In this multi-part feature, we introduce the actors behind the series' characters, showing their looks both on and off the screen.

Daryoush Farhang

Character: Ubayd Allah ibn Ziyad

Farhang portrayed the Umayyad governor of Kufa during the reigns of caliphs Mu'awiya I and Yazid I, as well as the leading general of the Umayyad army. His performance vividly captured the character's cruelty and cunning nature.

Hadis Fouladvand

Character: Robab

Robab is a character with a tragic fate, unaware that Shozab is not her father and that she has fallen for his real son. Fouladvand performed this complex role with heartfelt emotion and depth.

Marzieh Boroumand

Character: Horreh

Horreh, a maid from a lower class, climbs the social ladder by allying with the shrewd Homeira. Together, they devise a sinister plan to seize Shozab’s wealth. Boroumand's portrayal brought out the character's ambition and cunning.

Amin Zendegani

Character: Zeid

Zeid, the secret son of Shozab and Maria, grows up unaware of his true parentage. He falls in love with Robab, leading to a tragic destiny. Zendegani's performance was deeply moving and showed Zeid’s inner turmoil and love.

Farideh Sepah-Mansour

Character: Sophia

Sophia is an intolerant head nun who disapproves of one of her nuns falling in love with Kufa's treasurer. Sepah-Mansour's portrayal, along with her distinctive appearance and makeup, intensified the character's harshness.

Ebrahim Abadi

Character: Abu Mosayyeb

Late Abadi portrayed Abu Mosayyeb, a greedy man constantly scheming to amass wealth. His performance highlighted the moral conflicts and corruption inherent in the pursuit of personal gain.

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