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iFilm English TV to air finale for ‘Yavar’

iFilm English TV is to air finale for ‘Yavar’ on Saturday.

iFilm English TV Channel is set to air the final episode of ‘Yavar’ on Saturday.

The final episode of the series, produced by Arman Zarrinkoub, written by Saeed Motallebi, and co-directed by Saeed Soltani and Asghar Naeemi, will be aired at 21:00 GMT.

‘Yavar’, themed on friendship and manliness, tells the story of the Cheloee family.

The elder of the family, Yavar Cheloee, owns and manages a restaurant with his son.

His grandson, Mohsen, is studying Law at the university. The grandson took a test and knows that he would not pass it.

So, to correct his wrong answers in the test, Mohsen and his intimate friend go to the university at night.

While there, a murder takes place at the university, and the young men may fall into huge trouble.

On the cast list are Arsalan QasemiZahra SaeediFaqiheh SoltaniShabnam FarshadjouParviz FallahipourEsmaeel MehrabiShiva KhonyagarMohammad Hatami, Mohammad Rashno, and Daryoush Arjmand.

‘Yavar’, made in 2021, is replaced by the brand new series ‘The Maple’ by Behrang Tofiqi.