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Exploring Quranic teachings in 'Lean on the Wind' - 2

iFilm has launched a series of features on the Quranic lessons in the series 'Lean on the Wind'.

In our ongoing series on Quranic lessons embedded in the TV series ‘Lean on the Wind’, we explore the spiritual and moral challenges that shape the journey of Atefeh, a young woman aspiring to become a lawyer like her father. Her path is marked by opportunities and temptations that test her values and integrity.

A lesson relevant to Atefeh’s journey is included in a verse from Surah Taha (20:131):

This verse reminds us that worldly wealth is temporary, but spiritual and moral integrity lasts forever.

In the series, Atefeh meets an older businessman who offers her a job and a luxurious place to stay, away from her university dorm. Driven by ambition, Atefeh starts lying and hiding the truth from her family.

Surah Taha's message connects closely with Atefeh’s story. Her deceit and attraction to luxury show the common struggle against worldly temptations.

The verse warns believers not to be misled by temporary material success and luxury but to rely on Allah’s superior and everlasting sustenance.

In ‘Lean on the Wind’, Atefeh's choices and their consequences resemble the tests described in Surah Taha.

Her journey mirrors the Quranic message, showing the inner conflict between worldly desires and the pursuit of truth and righteousness.

Stay tuned as we continue to explore each episode and uncover the valuable teachings and insights they hold.

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