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Cinema Museum to honor Ezzatollah Entezami

A commemoration ceremony is to be held at the Cinema Museum to honor Ezzatollah Entezami.

In honor of the 100th birth anniversary of the late legendary actor Ezzatollah Entezami, a special commemoration ceremony is to be held at the Cinema Museum in Tehran on June 22, 2024.

The event, organized by the Entezami House Museum, the Actors Association at the House of Cinema, and the Cinema Museum, will bring together numerous cinema and theater artists to celebrate Entezami's life and contributions to the arts.

According to ILNA, the program will feature speeches from several renowned directors and actors who will discuss Entezami's career, his notable character traits, and the various iconic roles he portrayed.

The ceremony will conclude with a video mapping presentation on the historic building of the Cinema Museum, showing never-before-seen images of Entezami.

Entezami, revered as the Master Actor in Iranian cinema, began his stage career in 1941. He later studied theater and cinema in Hanover, Germany, and graduated in 1958.

He was a key figure among Iran’s golden generation of actors, alongside Mohammad-Ali Keshavarz, Davoud Rashidi, Jamshid Mashayekhi, and Ali Nasirian.  

Entezami made a significant impact with his debut performance in Darioush Mehrjouee’s classic movie ‘The Cow’ (1969), which won the Golden Hugo at the Chicago International Film Festival in 1971.

Over his prolific career, Entezami appeared in more than 100 plays, films, and TV series, earning numerous accolades, including four Crystal Simorgh awards at the Fajr International Film Festival for his roles in ‘Grand Cinema’, ‘The Day of the Angel’, ‘A House on Water’ and ‘The Marsh’.

In 2006, UNESCO honored him for his lifetime achievements in Paris, France.

In 2012, Entezami donated his house to the Tehran Municipality to be transformed into a museum. It is now a popular destination for theater students, young actors, and journalists.

The Cinema Museum of Iran, where the commemoration will take place, is situated in Tehran’s Bagh-e-Ferdows neighborhood, near Tajrish Square.