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'Smarty Rooster, Tricky Fox': A new animated delight

iFilm has embarked on a journey to introduce animations produced by Saba Animation Center.

iFilm English continues its journey to introduce viewers to the world of animations produced by the Saba Animation Center.

Today, we bring you the delightful series 'Smarty Rooster, Tricky Fox', one of Saba's latest productions.

'Smarty Rooster, Tricky Fox' comprises 26 fifteen-minute episodes, made using the computer cut-out technique.

Jointly directed by Mitra Abdi and Ali Samimizad, the animated flick is faithful to a rhythmic and musical atmosphere, focusing on the themes of hunting and the hunter, with the clever rooster consistently outsmarting the cunning fox's schemes.

'Smarty Rooster, Tricky Fox' introduces us to a charming cast of characters, including Gol Bibi, Golden-tail Granny, the Smarty Rooster, Henna the Chicken, Shangool the Goat, Abri the Dog, and the Tricky Fox. These characters, along with new additions, create a diverse array of stories that are sure to entertain and educate young viewers.

One of the key elements of 'Smarty Rooster, Tricky Fox' is its focus on teaching children how to make wise decisions in the face of potential dangers.

The series uses instructive stories and folklore music to enhance the audience's awareness while keeping them engaged.

It also highlights the importance of the village as a crucial component of identity and development in the country.

Besides, it emphasizes tourism, nature, and ancient monuments, introducing new agricultural tools and promoting the optimal use of resources.

The show encourages the preservation of customs, traditions, and local indigenous culture, as well as biodiversity, by explaining everyone's responsibility to protect essential environmental resources like water, soil, trees, and pastures.

Additionally, it advocates for green development strategies, such as using solar and wind power plants and reducing plastic consumption.

'Smarty Rooster, Tricky Fox' is not just an animation; it is a vibrant, educational experience that combines fun, folklore, and important life lessons.

Stay tuned to iFilm for more exciting features from Saba Animation Center.

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