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Roya Teymourian: Actors with most TV appearances

Join iFilm English on a journey as we reveal our new series, 'Screen Stars: Actors with Most TV Appearances'.

Join us on a journey with iFilm English as we introduce our latest series, 'Screen Stars: Actors with Most TV Appearances'. This series shines a light on the talents who have become familiar faces on iFilm screen over the past year.

In our 8th feature, we introduce Roya Teymourian, a versatile talent in Iranian television celebrated for her impressive range and depth as an actress.

Teymourian has graced iFilm screen with her remarkable performances in six series over the past year, including ‘The Tenth Night’, ‘As Blue as the Sea’, ‘Next Door Neighbors’, ‘Sheikh Bahaee’, ‘The Shade’ and ‘Zero Degree Turn’.

In 'Zero Degree Turn', Teymourian plays the role of a sophisticated mother whose heart belongs to her children. Despite her deep affection, she remains rational and encourages them to pursue righteousness.

Her nuanced portrayal adds a layer of depth to the series and makes her character both relatable and admirable.

Switching gears to comedy in 'Next Door Neighbors', Teymourian shines as a single mother ready to find love again in her later years.

Her ability to bring humor to her role shows her talent in playing lighthearted characters.

In 'The Tenth Night', Teymourian plays a serious and strict auntie, transporting viewers to the Qajar era in Iran.

Teymourian's ability to convey the character's stern nature while still evoking empathy is very commendable.   

Teymourian's role in the historical series 'Sheikh Bahaee' is equally praise-worthy. Once again, she shows her skill in portraying characters from different eras with authenticity.

In 'The Shade', Teymourian plays the considerate mother of a family facing everyday challenges.

Her face and unique, deep voice add layers to her character and make her portrayal both touching and memorable.

Similarly, in 'As Blue as the Sea', Teymourian's role as a caring mother dealing with familiar struggles shows her talent for bringing heartfelt performances to the screen.

Stay tuned for more features on your favorite stars in 'Screen Stars: Actors with Most TV Appearances'.

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