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Recap of iFilm's weekly news: Highlights

Enjoy a glimpse into updates delivered by iFilm throughout the past week.

Here is a recap of the latest updates from iFilm English:

1. iFilm English has sent joyous greetings on Monday, June 17, in celebration of Eid al-Adha, the Islamic festival of sacrifice.

2. iFilm English has published the second part of a new series of features exploring the Quranic lessons in 'Lean on the Wind'.

3. Two new series, ‘The Maple’ and ‘We Will Have Peace’, have been added to the iFilm English playlist this week.

4. iFilm English website has honored the legacy of Mostafa Chamran on the 43rd anniversary of his martyrdom on June 20.

5. The English website of iFilm has released a recap of Iran's cinema news from the previous week.

6. iFilm English website has recognized Roya Teymourian for having the highest number of series appearances over the past year.

7. iFilm English website has highlighted the remarkable achievements of Iran's master of sound design Hossein Abolsedq.

8. iFilm English TV featured the movie ‘The Rule of the Game’ as part of its weekend entertainment lineup on June 15, 2024.

9. iFilm English has embarked on a journey to introduce animations from Saba Animation Center, continuing with 'Smarty Rooster, Tricky Fox'.

10. In honor of Ezzatollah Entezami's 100th birth anniversary, a special ceremony will be held at the Cinema Museum in Tehran on June 22, 2024.

11. The poster for new movie 'This Controllable Crowd', designed by Mohammad Rouholamin, has been unveiled.

12. Renowned artists Sami Yusuf and Homayoun Shajarian have collaborated in a new song.

13. Iranian VOD platforms have updated their lineup with two new series ‘Dariush’ and ‘Gaudy’.