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Episode 7

Cyberspace provides us with new opportunities in commerce, social life, knowledge and entertainment, but there is also a dark side to it.

  • Dark Intelligence 1

    Behrooz Ahmadi is a police officer at the cyber crime unit of Tehran's Criminal Investigation Department.

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  • Episode 10
  • 04:00
  • Huge Problems 2

    Latif is engaged to be married, but one day, while he and his fiance have gone to visit her uncle ...

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  • Episode 4
  • 05:00

The Color of God

Director : Majid Majidi

A young blind boy comes home from boarding school to spend summer break with his family.

  • Saturday November 25
  • Time
  • Tehran 01:30
  • GMT 22:00
Watery rainbow that can take your breath away!

Mojen Haft-Rang (Seven-Color) rests near the city of Shahrud in Semnan Province, Iran.

Where man and nature join hands to bring about welfare

The Karun River that runs through the Iranian province of Khuzestan is home to some great dams which generate power for the country.

Badab-e Surt: Iran rare natural wonder

The hot springs of Badab-e Surt with a range of striking terrace formations is located in Mazandaran Province, Iran.