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Oswald Rukonhi, Zimbabwe
Saturday August 26, 2023 12:25

Good day iFilm. 

1. Is the recently ended House of Outsiders a prequel to The Enigma of the Shah?

2. In the final episode of House of Outsiders Reza Shah’s life in exile in both Mauritius and Johannesburg is noted. Is it true of what he said that the weather in Iran is better than Johannesburg?

3. Green Roads of the North was a great series. One big lesson I learned was never to pass judgment from hearsay and assumptions. The children did not know what had happened to their mother so they assumed the worst. Unity was lacking among the children and the bond of family was gone. Family is important in society and the series brings that out clearly.

I liked the acting of the last born, he showed true emotions in his role.

Thank you iFilm


Dear Oswald,

Thank you for reaching out to us with your questions and insights. We appreciate your attention to our series and your thoughtful observations. Here are the answers to your inquiries:

1. The recently concluded series, 'House of Outsiders' is not a prequel to 'The Enigma of the Shah'. However, both series do share a connection in that they depict different parts of Iran's history. While they deal with similar historical events, the core events they focus on are distinct. Each series offers its unique perspective on different aspects of Iran's past.

2. In the final episode of 'House of Outsiders,' the mention of Reza Shah's life in exile in both Mauritius and Johannesburg is accurate. Regarding the weather comparison between Iran and Johannesburg, it's important to note that the climates of these regions are indeed different. Iran experiences diverse climate zones due to its geographical location, ranging from arid and semi-arid to temperate and even cold climates, depending on the region and time of year. Johannesburg, on the other hand, generally has a temperate highland climate with mild temperatures. So, while the weather in Iran can vary significantly based on the specific area, Johannesburg typically enjoys milder weather throughout the year.

3. We're delighted that you enjoyed 'Green Roads of the North' and found its themes impactful. The series indeed highlights the significance of family bonds and the importance of not jumping to conclusions based on hearsay. The portrayal of family unity and its challenges resonated with many viewers. We're glad to know that you appreciated the acting of the last-born character, who conveyed genuine emotions in his role.

Thank you once again for your engagement with our content. We value your feedback and look forward to continuing to provide you with thought-provoking series.

Best regards,
The iFilm Team

Ali Ahmad Mosayyeb, Bangladesh
Wednesday August 9, 2023 15:46

Hello iFilm. I'm a huge fan of your historical dramas. They are all perfect and I want to say that they teach us a great deal of Iran's history. Thank you so much for airing them. 

Fahad Siba, Ghana
Monday July 31, 2023 13:41

I hope this message finds you well. As an avid viewer of iFilm, I want to express my appreciation for the diverse content you bring to our screens. However, I have noticed that the series 'Eight Heavens' seems to be quite outdated now. I would like to kindly request that you consider rotating out very old series like 'Eight Heavens' and introduce fresh and more contemporary shows to keep the viewing experience vibrant and exciting.

We appreciate your loyalty to iFilm and your thoughtful message. Thank you for sharing your feedback with us regarding the series 'Eight Heavens.' We always value the opinions of our viewers, and we understand your desire for a dynamic and up-to-date viewing experience.
Your suggestion is duly noted, and we are continuously working on optimizing our programming to cater to the preferences of our diverse audience. While we cannot guarantee immediate changes, we assure you that we take viewer feedback seriously and will take your thoughts into consideration for future scheduling decisions.

Once again, thank you for being a part of the iFilm community and for helping us improve our offerings.

Mustafa al-Arji, Palestine
Saturday June 17, 2023 15:18

I have a suggestion for iFilm. While I appreciate the selection of series, it feels like certain shows like 'It's All There,' 'In the Eye of the Storm,' and 'Medical Building' are repeated a bit too frequently. It would be great to have more rotation and introduce fresh content.

iFilm: Thank you for your valuable feedback. We understand your concerns regarding the repetition of certain shows. We are constantly working on improving our programming lineup to offer a balanced mix of new and popular series. Your input helps us in shaping our content. Stay tuned for upcoming additions and diverse programming!

Raju Ravi, India
Saturday June 17, 2023 15:16

I'm loving the collection of series on iFilm! It's great to see one actor appearing in multiple shows. It really showcases their talent and versatility. Keep it up! 

iFilm: Thank you for your feedback and support! We're glad you're enjoying the variety of series on iFilm. We believe in promoting talented actors and their diverse roles. Stay tuned for more captivating performances.

Valid Abou Bagher, the UAE
Thursday June 8, 2023 13:49

I recently watched ‘So Close, So Far Away’, and I have to say, I was quite disappointed. The acting felt forced, and the dialogue seemed unnatural. It was hard to connect with the characters and get invested in the story. Additionally, the pacing was off, and certain scenes dragged on for too long. I expected more from iFilm, and I hope to see improvements in your future releases.

iFilm: Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback with us. We apologize that the movie did not meet your expectations. We understand your concerns regarding the acting, dialogue, and pacing. Your comments provide valuable insights for us to reflect upon and improve our movie selection process. We strive to offer a diverse range of films that cater to different tastes, and we will take your feedback into consideration while curating our future releases. We appreciate your support and hope that you'll find our upcoming movies more enjoyable.


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