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'Nazli' released on domestic market of home entertainment

Iranian movie 'Nazli' enters domestic home entertainment market.

Iranian movie 'Nazli' has entered the domestic home entertainment market.

Directed by Mahmoud Moazzami, the film has hit the domestic market of entertainment last week.

The social drama tells the sweet story of a traditional and hospitable Iranian village where an old love story goes to have a Déjà vu. It has been made in a rural setting during a winter just before the Iranian New Year, Norouz.

The flick stars Iranian actors such as Leila Otadi, Amin Zendegani, Mehran Rajabi, Qasem Zare, Rahim Norouzi, Daryoush Salimi, Ezzatollah Jamei, Morteza Kazemi, and Mehdi Rezaee.

The film's director Moazzami has a degree in dramatic literature.

He made his debut as an assistant director, including in such movies as ‘The Singer’ (2000), ‘A Flower for the Bride’ (2004), and ‘On the Wedding Night’ (2008).

Moazzami has directed 70 episodes of the series ‘It Might Happen to You Too’ (2010).

Some of his other series are ‘Lean on the Wind’ (2012) and ‘The Cuckoo’ (2014).

Moazzami has directed a few movies, such as ‘Paper House’ (2012) and ‘Tuneless Piece’ (2014).

As an actor, he has appeared in a few movies, such as ‘The Party’ (2000).