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11th Aryan JIFF in India honors 2 Iranian features

The 11th Aryan Jaipur Int’l Film Festival in India honors 2 Iranian titles ‘My Arms Flew’ and ‘Endless?’.

The 11th edition of the Aryan Jaipur International Film Festival (JIFF) in India has honored two Iranian features ‘My Arms Flew’ and ‘Endless?’.

‘My Arms Flew’ directed by Hossein Nouri won a Special Jury Mention at the Indian event.

The film narrates the story of the director who creates his paintings with his mouth as he suffers a spinal cord injury due to the tortures he experienced by SAVAK, the intelligence service in Iran before the Islamic Revolution in 1979.

The movie, filmed by Nouri’s son Mahmoud, shows Hossein who needs to create a number of paintings in a limited time for an exhibition in the US to be able to visit his son who is studying in the US.

Nouri’s wife Nadia Maftouni has also appeared in the movie.

Iran-US joint drama production ‘Endless?’, written and directed by Maryam Zahirimehr, won the Best Debutante Director Award at the JIFF.

‘Endless?’ tells the story of two women who bond over a unspeakable tragedy and the trauma that lingers.

Tiago Arakilian from Brazil won the award for best director for his movie ‘Before I Forget’.

The 11th JIFF took place in the northwestern Indian city of Jaipur on January 18-22, 2019.