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‘The Redemption’ through critics’ eyes

As ‘The Redemption’ series is making a comeback on ifilm,, we would like to offer you a glimpse of the all-star series.

As the ‘The Redemption’ is back on ifilm's playlist, what could be better than offering a glimpse of the all-star series.

‘The Redemption’ was made by Iran’s prominent director, Sirous Moqaddam, some ten years ago.

Critics hailed the idea of the series, saying the trip of a woman, who is looking for her missing husband, to Tehran and experiencing the hardships of life in the capital city is a rich idea leading to many attractive events.

Meanwhile, the series received less positive reviews for depicting a large and populated city like Tehran as a village where everyone knows each other, pulling the events in the opposite direction that the series' storyline moves.

‘The Redemption’ addresses themes such as hatred, revenge, betrayal, and greed.

The series draws audiences with the excellent performances of its cast members, especially Pouriya Poursorkh and Ronak Younesi.

ifilm airs the series every day at 23:00 GMT, except Saturdays.