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ifilm to start airing ‘Hereafter’

The series ‘Hereafter’ is to go on ifilm screen from October 7.

The series ‘Hereafter’ has been scheduled to go on ifilm screen from October 07, 2020.

Directed by Mohammad-Reza Ahanj, the series is the story of Haj Fattah and his family who are facing a hard situation and have to make critical decisions.

Haj Fattah owns a clothing factory and is about to open up a new store. He tells his family members that he is going to put it in the name of one of them. They all want to know who is going to get the new store, with an intense rivalry between his son-in-law and daughter-in-law to ensure that their spouse is the one who gets it.

But before this can happen, Haj Fattah gets into a car accident that leaves him in a coma. The doctors say he is brain-dead with no chance of recovery. At death’s doorstep, Haj Fattah’s spirit is joined by his guardian angel, who has come to help him redeem his soul by correcting the wrongs he has done in his life.

The cast of the series include Kourosh Tahami, Kamand Amir-Soleymani, Ahou Kheradmand, Mohammad-Reza Sharifinia, Reza Rouygari, Iraj Nozari, Rose Razavi, Fakhreddin Seddiq-Sharif, Nima Shahrokh-Shahi, Tarlan Parvaneh, Ali Dehkordi, Parvaneh Masoumi, and Fariba Motekhasses.

The series will replace ‘The Grand Prize’ by Mehran Modiri.

‘Hereafter’ will be aired every night at 19:00 GMT; and each episode will be repeated the next day at 03:00, 08:00, and 14:00 GMT. Click here to check ifilm's schedule.

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