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Does Kaveh of ‘The Redemption’ truly love Roya?

The next episode of the series ‘The Redemption’ brings you more details about Kaveh’s real intentions.

The next episode of the series ‘The Redemption’ has been set to bring you more details about Kaveh and his intentions to marry Roya.  

While being unaware of Kaveh’s true intentions, Roya is gradually getting more attracted to him and his manner. Fighting with her father over Kaveh’s love, Roya may fall into a trap and make an irreparable decision.

Stay tuned for the next episode of ‘The Redemption’ to find out how the secrets are revealed.

Directed by Sirous Moqaddam, the series is the story of hatred, revenge, betrayal, and greed. Parviz Shayesteh loses a big sum of money and puts the blame on his employee, Ahmad-Reza, who is now missing. Ahmad-Reza’s wife, Khojasteh, comes to Tehran looking for him. She refuses to believe that her beloved husband could be capable of such deeds.

She meticulously follows up on every lead to exonerate him. As the story unfolds, she finds herself in the middle of a vicious game that now threatens her own life and those close to her.

Anahita Afshar, Atila Pesyani, Ronak Younesi, Shahram Abdoli, Pouria Poursorkh, Linda Kiani, Nafiseh Roshan, Abbas Ghazali, Saba Kamali, and Afshin Sangchap are some of the cast members of the flick.  

The upcoming episode will come to you tonight at 23:00 GMT.