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Autumn scenery of Alangdarreh Forest Park in picture

Witnessing the last days of autumn in December, ifilm English website provides its audience with the best of fall scenery in Iran.

Winter is imminent and we have felt the urge to taste the last stunning views that the season of love, autumn, is offering.

As the last days of autumn are approaching and the colorful carpet of leaves are disappearing under a heavy blanket of snow, we are taking our chance to enjoy the remaining scenery of the magnificent fall.

Alangdarreh Forest Park, located in northern Iran, is one of the outstanding places where you can find the best of autumn scenes.

The park that rests in the Iranian province of Golestan is considered as one of the seven best tourism destinations in the country. Alangdarreh covers 185 hectares and its tall trees, cool rivers and rich vegetation make it one of the most peaceful areas to visit.

Here are some spectacular photos of the park.