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Indian lotus in north Iran in full bloom

Iranian northern city of Babolsar is home to a lake of Indian lotus, hosting migratory birds every year.

Every corner of Iran has a special attraction to be visited and enjoyed. Iran’s nature offers a package of beaches, lakes, deserts, mountains, and green plains.

At the same time, you can find an unbearable hot weather in the southern parts of the country and mild weather in the northern parts.

Just close to the Caspian Sea, the city of Babolsar is bestowed with a pleasing weather and nature. Some five kilometers far from the city, there is a village called Ojaksar, is a tourist destination for its amazing lake with Indian lotus flowers in full bloom.

When blooming, Indian lotus creates an amazing scenery that brings tourists to the area. The flower can be observed from early June to early July.

The lake of Ojaksar hosts migratory birds every year that adds to the beauty of the place.