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Iran’s ‘The Kids’ wins at Armenia’s Fresco filmfest

The 8th Fresco Int’l Festival of Modern Art and Spiritual Films in Armenia awards Iranian short ‘The Kids’.

The Fresco International Festival of Modern Art and Spiritual Films in Armenia has awarded Iranian short flick ‘The Kids’.

The 8th edition of the Armenian event presented the award to the Iranian title for promoting family values.

Made by Amir Daryani, the flick tells the story of a sister and brother who decide to separate due to the conditions of their home and their own behavioral disorders.

Sina and Mobina, the brother and sister, appear in a family court to separate due to a hostile environment in their domestic life. This is the first time a brother and sister have decided to break up legally.   

Nakisa, Barbod and Naeem Bakhtiari have played the roles in the flick which will soon take part in the San Francisco Iranian Film Festival in the US.

According to the official website of the Fresco International Film Festival, it “contains competitive and non-competitive programs. Fiction and documentary, full-length and short-length films and video materials of different formats, in which wars, violence, national, religious and any other types of discrimination, ecological disasters of human origin are denounced, and where peace, tolerance, humanism and global values are advocated”.

The 8th edition of the event was held on August 20-21, 2021.