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RNAB Festival to screen ‘Old Man’s Heavy Sleep’

Iranian film ‘Old Man’s Heavy Sleep’ is to be screened at the RNAB Festival in Brazil.

Iranian short film ‘Old Man’s Heavy Sleep’ has made its way to the RNAB Festival in Brazil.

The Iranian youth Cinema Society reported that ‘Old Man’s Heavy Sleep’, written and directed by Mostafa Rostampour, will be screened at the 13th edition of the Brazilian festival.

The film is about an old man who is spending his old age alone as his family members have left him.

‘Old Man’s Heavy Sleep’ is starring Abdul Rasul Nikkhah and Mohammad-Hussein Mohammad-Nia.

According to the report, the film has previously taken part in several international festivals, including Beijing International Film Festival in China, Cefalu Film Festival in Italy and Busan International Kids & Youth Film Festival in South Korea.

The 13th edition of RNAB Festival will kick off on March 25 and run until March 31.