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Australian fest to host ‘Yocheyed’

The 2022 Setting Sun Film Festival in Australia is to host the Iranian short film ‘Yocheyed’.

Iranian short film ‘Yocheyed’ has been selected to compete at the ninth edition of the Setting Sun Film Festival (SSFF) in Australia.

Directed by Sahar Khoshcheshman, the synopsis to the short reads “and now get up and do the ritual of cleansing your sin”.

The cast of the short film includes Peyman Moqaddami, Kiana Montakhabi, Siamak Rashedi, Mahdi Abouhamzeh, and Amir Akhavin.

Founded in 2013, SSFF is a well-known festival in the west of Melbourn that aims to promote filmmakers and the stories that are told through films.

The event hosts films from around the world and is a great opportunity for filmmakers to showcase their works.

SSFF will be held on May 5-12, 2022.