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Iranian ‘Sugar Crush’ wins at Cheboksary Int'l fest

Iranian short film ‘Sugar Crush’ wins an award at the 2022 Cheboksary Int’l Filmfest in Russia.

Iranian short film ‘Sugar Crush’ has won the Anna Prize “Best Ensemble” at the 15th edition of the Cheboksary International Film Festival in Russia.

Directed by Aida Tebianian, the synopsis for the short film reads, “on Roya’s birthday night with friends, the police interrupt the party, and her life is about to change forever”.

The cast of the film includes Sheyda Khaligh, Morvarid Kashian, Milad Moayeri, Mehran Atashzay, Sam Dadkhah, Rad Pourjabar, Sara Sarabi, Peyman Mohseni, and Vahid Manafi.

The short film has previously participated in the FLOW Film Festival in the US and grabbed the Best Foreign Film award.

According to the official website of the Cheboksary International Film Festival, it accepts “films that contribute to strengthening peace and mutual understanding between people, regardless of their nationality and religion”.

The event was held on June 2-7, 2022.