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Parts of Iran’s sacrifices fighting drug trafficking

‘Silent Assassination’ is to review Iran’s sacrifices fighting drug trafficking.

iFilm’s new action series ‘Silent Assassination’ is to review Iran’s sacrifices in fighting against drug trafficking.

In tonight’s episode of the show some Iranian and foreign officials will talk about the different aspects of Iran’s suffering from the illegal drugs industry and distribution.

Don't miss the fifth episode of the series on iFilm TV at 21:00 GMT to find out how Iranian forces are sacrificing their lives to save the entire world from illegal drugs.

The synopsis of the series reads “Smuggling, distribution, and consumption of drugs have been plaguing the Middle East for decades. Iranian police have found out criminal mafia groups in Europe are behind the problem.”

“A Police Department Narcotics Division starts its mission with street distributors and goes all the way to find the heads of big mafia groups, who are supported by the Israeli regime and European countries.”

Directed by Ahmad Moazzami, the cast list of the series includes Setareh EskandariParviz FallahipourParivash NazariyehSaeed RadMaryam BoubaniAmir-Mohammad ZandRoya Mirelmi, and Sepideh Khodaverdi.

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