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Late actress character recast by iFilm star

Iranian actress Kamand Amir-Soleymani has replaced Zohreh Fakour-Sabour in ‘Without Anyone’.

Iranian actress and iFilm household name Kamand Amir-Soleymani has replaced the late Zohreh Fakour-Sabour in a TV series titled ‘Without Anyone’.

Young Iranian actress Fakour-Sabour, who appeared in many iFilm movies and series, died on March 1, 2022 while she was featuring in a project to be made for Iran national TV.

With 70 percent of the shooting already wrapped up, Amir-Soleymani has been recast after Fakour-Sabour’s passing left the series incomplete.

Speaking with local media about why she made the decision, Amir-Soleymani noted that accepting the part of the late Fakour-Sabour comes from a sense of commitment rather than a desire driven by an acting career.

Born in 1978, Fakour-Sabour started her career with the TV series 'Days of Youth' (1998) and her performance in the series 'Solace of the Heart' (2009) was a great success.

After a break, she returned to acting by playing a role in the TV series 'Huge Problems' (2014).

She has also participated in some movies including 'Smell of Red Rose' (2001), 'The Damsel Baran' (2007), and 'Concert on the Water' (2010).

Her works screened on iFilm are 'Reyhaneh', 'Solace of the Heart', 'Huge Problems 1', 'Huge Problems 2', 'Detectives', 'Passenger from India', and 'Flat Tire'.